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I started my business with a dream of making beautiful furniture and have had fun building some precious pieces over the years.
In 1986 I started harvesting local hardwood trees to create an inventory of hardwoods so that I would have a variety of species, thicknesses, widths and lengths that my clients could choose from.  Now 36 years later I find myself with a barn full of valuable hardwoods. It’s time to stop making furniture and focus on selling my hardwood lumber inventory.
You have been rerouted to my new website that my friend is slowly building.  I plan to begin surfacing pieces of live edge wood to sell to people who do not own a planer or heavy equipment in their workshop. Then customers will be able to make their own live edge hardwood tables by doing the final sanding and finishing.  I trust you will enjoy the pictures, videos and stories that will be coming.


Stack of slabs
Cedar 32"x3" slice
These beautiful Western Red Cedar slabs are suited for all kinds of projects!  Now only $150 each, they are 3″ thick and approximately 32″ to 36″ across.
Winter's almost here - let these special prices warm your heart. On orders of 100bf and up.

All 1" and 2" maple, birch and alder lumber, rustic grade - $1.50/bf

All 1" and 2" maple, birch and alder lumber, better grade - $3.00/bf

If purchasing less than 100bf, the cost for 1" and 2" rustic is $3.00/bf and $4.50 for better grade

Please call for pricing on 3" and up thicknesses

Native to the lower mainland, this lumber was rescued from urban sprawl and bandsaw milled into 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ thick planks, many with natural edges, then kiln-dried in a vacuum kiln, making it the ideal wood loved and preferred by woodworking craftsmen.


We offer for sale to the public what may be one of the largest collections of hardwood lumber in British Columbia.  Our competitive pricing for kiln-dried hardwood covers several species in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths.


Our inventory includes many live-edge slabs, some up to 4″ thick, 6-1/2 ft. wide and 12 ft. long.  Others are as thick as 6″ and 5 ft. wide.  Most of the oversized slabs are one-of-a-kind and have been air-dried.

A Pacific Coast native, the broadleaf maple’s heartwood is white or cream to light brown or reddish brown.  Sometimes figure may appear to our delight!  Other times a burl may surface, inspiring a new project.  Reasonably hard and heavy, kiln-dried maple is easy to work with and takes a smooth polish.

Figured Maple
Birch sold out

Beautiful planks of sawn maple and other species were kiln-dried to 6% moisture content and then stored in the wood barn.  Many have interesting figure and colour, making them the ideal material for building custom furniture or if resawn, for finish woodwork.

While going through our stickered stacks of hardwood lumber, sometimes you’ll find boards sporting spalted maple brilliance, or a flare-up of birds-eye on a bottom maple board.

Close-up of spalted maple 2.2 MB

Please call 604-791-3320 to set up a time to check out what's in the wood barn.

You can also contact us by email:  sales@hardwood4u.ca

A Little History

Building handmade custom furniture has always been my dream.  Back in 1983 I established Mount Cheam Woodworking and soon realized dried hardwoods  were  expensive to buy.  A few years later I began to gather local English brown oak, maple and walnut logs which were sawn and air-dried for one year per inch thick.


By using a bandsaw mill I was able to increase the volume and value of the wood, giving it a smoother finish, custom sizes and far less sawdust than a dimensional sawmill can produce.  For oversized or unusually shaped logs, I used an Alaskan mill powered by chainsaws and two husky sawyers.


Being located in the Fraser Valley we enjoy a high relative humidity.  This unfortunately makes it difficult to air-dry wood to the desired moisture content for furniture building.  Using vacuum kiln technology, I can now dry and condition, sawn hardwood of most dimensions to the desired 6% moisture content, with almost no degradation.


During the late 1990s, I sold and delivered curly, spalted and quilted maple to some of the best woodworkers on the West Coast – from Vancouver, BC to Bisbee, AZ, with many stops along the way.  This was when the desire to create fine home furnishings was born in me, and using my specialty lumber I created various pieces, some of which I entered in the Design in Wood show hosted by the San Diego Woodworkers Guild.


Remarkedly, the wood barn now contains about 105,000 board feet of dried BC hardwoods.  My rescue efforts of local hardwoods slowed down a little, but I was always on the lookout for logs with pistol grip curves, or oversized logs for one-piece dining and conference table tops.  Now I’m spending less time salvaging and sawing logs and more time designing and creating handmade home and office solid hardwood furniture out of some of the most unique precious wood that has been hiding in the back of the wood barn.

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